The Energy Tax Credit section of IRS § 25C has been reinstated for 2012-2013 as part of The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 signed by President Obama. 25C again provides a credit against tax for the taxable year in an amount equal to the sum of 10% of the amount paid for qualified energy efficiency improvements in Ridley Twp PA, Springfield PA, Havertown PA, Broomall PA, and the rest of the Delaware County.

Any energy saving improvement performed on a home during 2012/2013 is eligible for a 10% federal income tax credit (unlike a tax deduction, a credit is a pure reduction on taxes to be paid)

The Window Tax Credit Program adds the product and insulation/sealing together to max out the fitting of new windows at the full $500.00. AWDI qualified dealers like Nu-View Services in Ridley Twp. have been successfully providing these credits to homeowners since 2005. To qualify, Windows, Doors and Insulation must meet 2009 IECC standards and/or Energy Star

Qualified Improvements are:

Product Category
Product Type
Tax Credit Specification
brain afterExterior WindowsMeet 2006 IECC
& Amendments- 10% Cost not to exceed $200 total
428977_306250436102310_497853733_n (1)Exterior DoorsMeet 2006 IECC
& Amendments- 10% Cost not to exceed $500 total
installing-blown-in-insulation-3-tips-158InsulationMeet 2006 IECC
& Amendments- 10% Cost not exceed $500 total
For a homeowner to claim their credit, they must possess an Eligibility Certification statement. The Certification must contain the name and address of the certifier, identification of the component, and a declaration that the facts are true and correct. The homeowner may rely on this Certification to establish their right to the credit without liability. Certifications are not filed with tax returns. They are retained in taxpayer’s records.

If you would like more information on how the Energy Tax Credits work please give us a call here at Nu-View Services for a free in-home estimate.